Risks and opportunities caused by climate change are increasingly highlighted in the public and private sectors. As the global climate crisis progresses, governments need to ensure the population, urban infrastructure and public services are prepared to deal with these risks. Private companies also need to prepare, demonstrating to investors their operations and assets are protected from the impacts of climate change.

WayCarbon® offers a wide range of solutions and strategies for governments and companies to prepare and adapt themselves to new global environmental, social and economic conditions, promoting the population’s quality of life and the competitiveness and reputation of its corporate clients.


MOVE® (Model for Vulnerabilty Evaluation) is an integrated computational platform for the assessment of vulnerability and risks associated with climate change, applicable in different thematic and productive areas and at multiple scales, from different socioeconomic scenarios and concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG).

The model produces georeferenced and statistical data to support the integration of climate risk management to corporate business and sectoral and territorial planning, using the most robust state-of-the-art scientific evidences.

The results generated make it possible to identify the causes of vulnerabilities and risks to the effects of climate change for the analyzed context, providing essential information to define and prioritize adaptation and resilience building strategies.


Established in Brazil since 2006, WayCarbon is a technology-based company and the largest strategic consultancy focused exclusively on sustainability and climate change in Latin America.

The company offers the market solutions that combine professional experience, innovation and technological development, with the goal of transforming sustainability into a competitive element for the business. WayCarbon is a reference in advising on global climate change, environmental asset management and on the development of strategies and businesses aimed at eco-efficiency and a low-carbon economy. It is a B- Certified Corp and a member of the main innovation hubs in the country.