integration to TCFD

Transparency and reporting of organizational risks and opportunities are requirements of the financial market and international society. In line with this demand, WayCarbon® brought together specialists in physical and transition risks to help companies ensure the continuity of their operations, based on the integration of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) into their businesses.

The TCFD, an initiative of financial institutions that aims to promote best practices of transparency and communication of climate aspects that can affect a company, is one of the references used in the construction of the corporate Climate Strategy. The initiative presents general recommendations structured in four pillars: Governance, Strategy, Risk Management and Goals and Metrics.


At WayCarbon®, we support the implementation of the TCFD agenda, as well as allowing progress in each of the recommendations of the four pillars of the initiative. In particular, we assist our clients in identifying, quantifying, and disclosing current and future climate risks and opportunities, based on TCFD recommendations.

The success of our reports relies on working along with our clients, from providing information to validating the results. At the end of the entire process, organizations are able to position themselves in the financial market, providing relevant, comparable and consistent information for investors to make decisions.

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